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Flavour of the Week

"Introducing our new Flavour of the Week: El Mango Tango Fruit tea! It's our newest flavour made with mango and a hint of pineapple. Try it now and for sure this will be your new favourite!"

For the tea lovers!

Try our signature drink made with Brown Sugar Milk Tea, Oreo, and our signature Salted Cheese Foam!

Flavoured milk tea


Choose from a selection of delicious flavours to add to your bubble milk tea!


Perfect for those craving a frosty chiller.

Try our milk smoothies or icy slushies!

Fruit Tea and Jelly

Our thirst-quenching refresher drink! It is made of green tea and served with fresh oranges and limes!

Perfect for when you want the best of both worlds for your drink and topping!

Brown sugar pearls

A decadent mix of brown sugar caramel, brown sugar pearls, milk and black tea.

Try our sizzling hot ball-shaped Japanese snack made of flour-based batter and a shrimp filling inside.

Pulled pork steamed bun fresh from the steamer!