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About Us

Ever since before, Lovelia and Adrian has been thinking and have tried different business ideas that they wanted to venture into. They thought of opening a clothing store and flipping houses. They also tried house to house selling, online selling, and many more. None of them worked as they expected it to be. The idea of opening a bubble tea shop came about as a joke because Lovelia was a bubble tea lover. In December 2021, Lovelia and Adrian visited their family in Illinois, USA, to spend the holidays with them. Due to Covid restrictions, they were unable to go back to Brandon, MB, Canada, and got stuck in Illinois for a month. Every time they go out for supper, their nephews and nieces would always order bubble tea to drink. 

One night, they went to a restaurant where there was no bubble tea. They realized that the night would not be complete without a bubble tea so they searched for the nearest bubble tea in the area and went there. They noticed the line was long even with the freezing temperature outside and was already late. They were amazed but thought that maybe it was a coincidence. Afterwards, the next few days was spent visiting different bubble tea shops and went as far as traveling an hour to check on one bubble tea shop. All shops they visited were busy. That was when they got convinced to open a bubble tea shop. They went back in Brandon, MB, and opened the store there.

Our Team


Adrian Fermin


Lovelia M. Elizalde



We aim to serve the best quality and most interesting varieties of bubble tea and to provide customers with a one-of-a-kind tea experience/s.


Our goal is to market to much larger groups who are not yet familiar with bubble tea products. We ensure to provide a luxurious atmosphere accompanied with a sophisticated ambiance as part of our marketing strategy.